John Mc Laughlin' s Guitars over the years

John Mclaughlin, Extrapolation.
Gibson L4 with Charlie Christian pickup.

Tony Williams Lifetime, Emergency.
Gibson Hummingbird with DeArmond pickup.

Miles Davis, In a Silent Way.
Gibson Hummingbird.

Miles Davis, Bitches Brew.
Fender Mustang.
"I was playing with Lifetime and Miles," remembers McLaughlin, "and both bands were getting louder
and louder and the Hummingbird became inappropriate due to feedback problems.
For the Lifetime recordings, I rented a black '58 Les Paul Custom—an excellent instrument."

Miles Davis, Big Fun.
Fender Mustang.

Tony Williams Lifetime, Turn it Over.
'58 Les Paul Custom.

Miles Davis, Live/Evil.
Fender Mustang.

Miles Davis, Jack Johnson.
Fender Mustang.

John McLaughlin, Devotion.
Fender Mustang.

John McLaughlin, My Goal's Beyond.
Ovation acoustic.

Miles Davis, On the Corner.
Fender Mustang.

Mahavishnu Orchestra, The Inner Mounting Flame.
Gibson SG 6/12 Double-Neck.
"This was a dream guitar. In those days, there was no such thing as a chorus pedal, but the 12-string neck
had a 'built-in' chorus. That coupled with the 6-string neck gave me everything I wanted!"

Mahavishnu Orchestra, Birds of Fire.
Gibson SG Double-Neck.
"By the end of this recording, I had the Rex Bogue 6/12 Double-Neck, which I played until it was
accidentally damaged in 1975."

Mahavishnu Orchestra, Between Nothingness and Eternity.
Rex Bogue 6/12 Double-Neck.

Mahavishnu Orchestra, The Lost Trident Sessions [released 1999],
'60s Les Paul Junior.
"An outstanding instrument. I wish I knew where it is today, but over the years I've given so many guitars
away that I don't remember."

McLaughlin/Santana, Love Devotion Surrender.
Rex Bogue 6/12 Double-Neck.

Mahavishnu Orchestra, Apocalypse.
Rex Bogue 6/12 Double-Neck.

Mahavishnu Orchestra, Visions of the Emerald Beyond.
Rex Bogue 6/12 Double-Neck.

Mahavishnu Orchestra/John McLaughlin, Inner Worlds.
Les Paul Special, modified Gibson Byrdland with a hex pickup going through a 360 Systems converter and
six Minimoog modules.

"My first guitar synth. A real elephant, but it worked!"

Shakti, Shakti with John McLaughlin.

Custom Mark Whitebook.
"A fantastic instrument. By spring 1976, Abe Wechter had built the first Shakti acoustic with a
scalloped fretboard and sympathetic strings."


Shakti, A Handful of Beauty.
Second Wechter Shakti guitar.

Shakti, Natural Elements.
Second Wechter Shakti guitar.

John Mclaughlin, Johnny McLaughlin, Electric Guitarist.
'72 Gibson ES-345 with scalloped fretboard.

One Truth Band, Electric Dreams.
Gibson ES-345 with scalloped fretboard.

John Mclaughlin, Belo Horizonte.
Wechter Classical/Jazz guitar with Fishman piezo electronics.

John McLaughlin, Paco de Lucia, Al Di Meola, Passion, Grace, and Fire.
Ovation acoustic.

John McLaughlin, Music Spoken Here.
Wechter Classical/Jazz guitar.

John McLaughlin, Mahavishnu.
Gibson Les Paul Special, Mike Pedulla custom with Roland MIDI pickup (for controlling a Synclavier).

John McLaughlin and Mahavishnu, Adventures in Radioland.
Gibson Les Paul Special and Pedulla custom.

John McLaughlin, Mediterranean Concerto.
Wechter Classical/Jazz guitar.

John McLaughlin Trio, Live at the Royal Festival Hall.
Wechter Classical/Jazz guitar with dual Fishman pickup system and Phi Tech Photon MIDI interface.

John McLaughlin Trio, Que Alegria.
Wechter Classical/Jazz with Phi Tech.

John Mclaughlin, Time Remembered: A tribute to Bill Evans.
Wechter Marielle.

The Free Spirits, Tokyo Live.
Gibson Johnny Smith with Bigsby.

The Free Spirits, After the Rain.
Gibson Johnny Smith with Bigsby.


John McLaughlin, The Promise.
Gibson Johnny Smith with Bigsby.

The Heart of Things, Live in Paris.
Gibson Johnny Smith with Bigsby.

Remember Shakti, Remember Shakti.
Gibson Johnny Smith with Bigsby.

Remember Shakti, The Believer.
'72 Gibson ES-345 with scalloped fretboard.

Remember Shakti, Saturday Night in Bombay.
'72 Gibson ES-345 with scalloped fretboard.

Remember Shakti, Silk Box.
'72 Gibson ES-345 with scalloped fretboard.

John McLaughlin, Thieves & Poets.
Abe Wechter Our Lady guitar.
"Absolutely amazing!"

"I also recently received a McCarty electric guitar built for me by Paul Reed Smith.
This instrument is as close to being perfect as any I have ever played.

I also received an 11-string fretless built by an Indian friend—
now all I have to do now is learn to play it!"